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Meteorologist Breaks Down Natural Disasters in Movies & TV | GQ

Meteorologist David Yeomans breaks down natural disaster scenes from movies and television, including 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'The Day After Tomorrow,' 'The Crown,' 'Only the Brave,' 'Twister,' 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' 'War of the Worlds,' 'The Impossible,' 'Dante's Peak' and 'Everest.'

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Meteorologist Breaks Down Natural Disasters in Movies & TV | GQ


  1. shadowtony8


    24 мүнөт мурун

    This guy is the only person in the world you can ask "how's the weather?" and it'd legit be interesting.

  2. syi tiger907

    syi tiger907

    9 саат мурун

    Only the brave was a great movie super sad

  3. SAPHABA ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ

    SAPHABA ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ

    9 саат мурун

    i was hoping for superman's clip

  4. Carl angelo Alcaide

    Carl angelo Alcaide

    9 саат мурун

    I love seeing those big Haboobs. Theyre beautiful but dangerous.

  5. Ben Carlick

    Ben Carlick

    12 саат мурун


  6. Robot plays

    Robot plays

    12 саат мурун


  7. Scott Lees

    Scott Lees

    12 саат мурун

    Mississippi has the most of any state now. Sketchy down here

  8. Grinnar


    14 саат мурун

    There was a clearing at the summer camp I went to, that was caused by a tornado. It's pretty crazy.



    15 саат мурун

    The Chinese rocket should be on here

  10. Fook-It


    18 саат мурун

    4:45 I like how he laughs and tells to wait 😂😂

  11. Patricia A

    Patricia A

    18 саат мурун

    "There's no tornado causing earthquakes" Phew that's a relief 😅

  12. Dusan Pavlicek

    Dusan Pavlicek

    19 саат мурун

    This guy is awesome! :)

  13. Advspringbonnie


    20 саат мурун

    I like this guy because he sounds like he knows alot about the movies and doesn't say something about them that makes you cringe because it's something that you know was explained in the movie which he is giving a wrong answer to. He also doesn't have an annoying voice and the video is cut so that there's no pauses or annoying mouth noises. I usually click off of these types of videos because I get bored, but I watch all of this!

  14. Chandra Jones

    Chandra Jones

    20 саат мурун

    The tornadoes... I know of one time that there were more than 3. In my hometown there were 7 at once in the 80s

  15. MiniReaper


    21 саат мурун

    The fact he didn't react to San Andreas shocks me

  16. Stephanie


    22 саат мурун

    Lol at the tornado growling, I would have never known that didn’t happen

  17. Sidney Rose

    Sidney Rose

    22 саат мурун

    The first movie I ever saw was Twister. I was a few months old and my mom wanted to go to the movies (I was coincidentally born on one of the worst nights for tornadic activity in St. Louis in 96). I apparently slept through the final tornado chase scene, but I've been fascinated with tornados ever since.

  18. Mark W

    Mark W

    22 саат мурун

    Very informative and well done!

  19. RedHawk 727

    RedHawk 727

    Күн мурун

    Aye big up for my state Oklahoma

  20. Nick Scalan

    Nick Scalan

    Күн мурун

    22:08 WRONG David! Yes, there are buoys scattered off-shore anchored via chains to the ocean floor 100's of feet below. They have a standard assortment of weather instruments, temp, wind, barometer, wave height and period. www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

  21. Jordan Oliver

    Jordan Oliver

    Күн мурун

    I want to hear him say "Alright, alright, alriiight"

  22. thetownspeople 14

    thetownspeople 14

    Күн мурун

    We like to sit outside and watch the storms and tornados in Oklahoma.

  23. Amber Colon

    Amber Colon

    Күн мурун

    I used to watch David every morning. I called him "Babyface".

  24. Matt Forster

    Matt Forster

    Күн мурун

    Man, I was climbing once near Moab and got caught in a freak blizzard with thunder and lightning and it was genuinely the most terrifying situation I've ever been in. I never want to experience it again

  25. Carlos


    Күн мурун

    A lot of the mid to higher budget 90s films’, the CGI is a lot better than some of today’s mid to higher budget CGI.

  26. Andrew Flowers

    Andrew Flowers

    Күн мурун

    I didn't know Macaulay Culkin was a weather expert..

  27. Steven Hartman

    Steven Hartman

    Күн мурун

    This guy is very well-spoken.

  28. coochie cut in half

    coochie cut in half

    2 күн мурун

    i understand that he said we cannot stop tornados. but he also said everything needs to be just right for a tornado and if one thing is off it’ll go away. TIME TO BUILD A BIG FAN

  29. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Why didn’t he discuss meteor showers in greenland :(

  30. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    I fkn want to kill myself when they include animals in nat disaster movies id rather pretend they’re fine

  31. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Tsunamis are fkn terrifying too

  32. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун


  33. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Why do i not remember that scene in wolf of wall street literally at all

  34. Jackson


    2 күн мурун

    During the”Wolf on Wall Street” storm all I was thinking was this guy needs to watch The Deadliest Catch

  35. Hello im Atzhary

    Hello im Atzhary

    2 күн мурун

    it's really cool and important to learn this

  36. Austin


    2 күн мурун

    I herd for twister for some of the weaker tornados at the beggining were actual tornadoes

  37. Saint Akins

    Saint Akins

    2 күн мурун

    America listen to AOC & Bernie Sanders on the eco-friendly Green New Deal, unless you want mother nature to give you a slow painful death as shown in these natural disaster movies.

  38. chillin villain

    chillin villain

    2 күн мурун

    “I gotta go, Julia. We got cows!”

  39. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Wild fires so scary

  40. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Id kill myself if I lived somewhere where tornadoes happened

  41. Jonai Amanai

    Jonai Amanai

    2 күн мурун

    For some reason I wish he would have talked about Sharknado😂😂😂

  42. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    I fear tornadoes so much

  43. bbyhol33


    2 күн мурун

    Nat disaster movies are way scarier than horrors

  44. Larry Richards

    Larry Richards

    2 күн мурун

    Is this kid even old enough to go into a bar???

  45. J B

    J B

    3 күн мурун

    He needs to look at the Mission Impossible sandstorm scene next time!

  46. J B

    J B

    3 күн мурун

    This guy is like the Erik Singer of meteorologists! Incredibly fun to listen to someone as passionate as him talk about these topics more in-depth!

  47. Érika Joyal

    Érika Joyal

    3 күн мурун

    One question; Why Lightning can be created by volcanoes particles and but not with a Sandstorm? In these two cases There is friction between particles so why the outcome is différent? Is IT the temperature? You are so right! Nature is one of the only thing that can make everybody stop and look Up all AT the same same. Its quite rare noradays

  48. Nick Niesman

    Nick Niesman

    3 күн мурун

    I don't like this meteorologist at all. He is kinda dumb 😅

  49. Kairo Pup

    Kairo Pup

    3 күн мурун

    how many times can I say haboob in one video lol.

  50. Yarbloco


    3 күн мурун

    7:00 isn't already stablished that at least one metorite hit Greenland and melted all that ice?

  51. Sahil Sonawale

    Sahil Sonawale

    3 күн мурун

    He fine...huh...

  52. JimHarm


    3 күн мурун

    This guy is brilliant, eloquent, charming and highly informative. This is one of the better experts they’ve had on this series! Fascinating video!

  53. Sam Torres

    Sam Torres

    3 күн мурун

    I was in a hurricane eye once, probably never will be again. Was able to just walk outside and talk with neighbors like nothing was going on, then a few minutes later it was back to the apocalypse. So surreal!

  54. Blake Lavender

    Blake Lavender

    3 күн мурун

    Tbh I like this alot

  55. Josh Smithers

    Josh Smithers

    3 күн мурун

    “Humans can’t stand in a 60-65 mph wind” “Hold my beer”-Jim Cantore

  56. Kenneth Rogers

    Kenneth Rogers

    3 күн мурун

    My complaint about the breakdown of The Day After Tomorrow is, what he is saying is true but isn't that the point of the movie? Isn't it taking about how the climate of the world is changing?

    • emmamaria


      2 күн мурун

      Yes, but he points out it wouldn't happen in this way. It would take years (short in relation to normal climate changes), not minutes/hours. And it wouldn't be in those kind of fictional frozen hurricanes.

  57. ANIME girl95

    ANIME girl95

    3 күн мурун

    Love the video I loved everything that he said about the natural disasters in the likelihood of them actually happening the one problem I have is I grew up with a mother that made me watch Day After Tomorrow a thousand times to the point I can predict everything without even be in the same room and I know for a fact that they said it looks like a like a hurricane but they didn't say it was one it was an ice storm that was basically like a sandstorm just with freezing air being blown not an actual hurricane which Disney the inkling that this guy is not actually watching these movies well

  58. lindsey reyes

    lindsey reyes

    3 күн мурун

    I mean has he been in an Ice age tornado, or environment, sooo how is he so sure?!

  59. TristanDmarco


    3 күн мурун

    37:00 he said "Volcano might be coming" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  60. TristanDmarco


    3 күн мурун

    Lightning is the size of a pencil? What?

  61. James Johnson

    James Johnson

    3 күн мурун

    He addressing pastence in a sense as the projection in the story concerning future atmospheric conditions.

  62. kunstwert


    3 күн мурун

    Wouldn't the sand particles in the sand storm create electricity by bumping into another? So the lightning inside might be reasonable in a way?

  63. 619Bulli


    3 күн мурун

    I learned more about weather in this 46min video than I did in middle and high school science class lol

  64. Jennifer Wright

    Jennifer Wright

    4 күн мурун

    Did anyone watch super volcano or as it called Yellowstone?? 🌋

  65. 4g63fourlife


    4 күн мурун

    Vehicles are not insulated by lightning by their rubber tires. The shell of the vehicle itself acts as a faraday cage protecting the occupants. Small nit pick, but great video!

  66. Masaharu Morimoto

    Masaharu Morimoto

    4 күн мурун

    This was AWESOME!!! Thanks GQ!

  67. MissyMisfit


    4 күн мурун

    I could listen to him talk about weather all day!! Plus I like how he still likes the movies even if not totally accurate. He's a movie fan and a weather man!!

  68. Presley Gajewsky

    Presley Gajewsky

    4 күн мурун

    Whatttttttt! This dude is on my local weather channel everyday in texas!!

  69. Matt Savage

    Matt Savage

    4 күн мурун

    This guy sounds fun at parties

  70. basketlockerball


    4 күн мурун

    I didn't know Robert Patrick's son was a meteorologist.

  71. jay miller

    jay miller

    4 күн мурун

    He admitted global warming was a thing 10000 yrs ago... and created an ice age.. hmmmm

  72. §hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

    §hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

    4 күн мурун

    Imagine this guy telling stories.

  73. alex tuck

    alex tuck

    4 күн мурун

    Cuz these sob's are ALWAYS WRONG! what they do is a COMPLETE GEUSS, so that's SCinetific! NOT! whaether is always a geuss so take it ALL witha grain of salt.

  74. Jayloyd23


    4 күн мурун

    He never sounded pretentious. Hats off to our guy

  75. warcop 88

    warcop 88

    4 күн мурун

    I think alot of people can remember Joplin Missouri with the largest ef5 at the time

  76. Brittany mcdaniel

    Brittany mcdaniel

    4 күн мурун

    my son loves twister and now i love it more after this check out ice twister and christmas twister

  77. Kieron O'Gorman

    Kieron O'Gorman

    4 күн мурун

    In Ottawa, Canada we had 6 tornadoes touch down in sept 21, 2018....

  78. james Hendrickson

    james Hendrickson

    4 күн мурун

    This was very therapeutic.

  79. kwicksand12


    4 күн мурун

    33:23 Spider-Man lol

  80. ScarlettM


    4 күн мурун

    32:40 lack of education is deadly. How can people en mass not know about retreating ocean and what comes next? I learned at five years old - retreating water = dangerous emergency.

  81. Marlee Gould

    Marlee Gould

    5 күн мурун

    Dante's Peak was filmed near my hometown in Wallace, ID! It was cool seeing the film crews in a small mountain town.

  82. Hazard


    5 күн мурун

    The Day After Tomorrow. Still one of the best in my opinion

  83. nesi Ness

    nesi Ness

    5 күн мурун

    They can even get the next days weather correct here in Colorado . So Im not buying what he’s saying

  84. lina rose

    lina rose

    5 күн мурун

    Dallas October 2019 had 3 touchdowns all at the same time.

  85. Nadya Nurhidayah

    Nadya Nurhidayah

    5 күн мурун

    (Thunder snow coming) Everyone : "OH GOD PLEASE NO!" Meteorologist : "OH GOD YES PLEASE COME TO PAPA"

  86. Nadya Nurhidayah

    Nadya Nurhidayah

    5 күн мурун

    Get me a soulmate who understand me as much as this guy understand tornado

  87. Jay


    5 күн мурун

    A smog happening in the 2021: Anti-maskers: I hAvE mY rIgHtS

  88. NotaVampyre 111

    NotaVampyre 111

    5 күн мурун

    I've been in 3 typhoons while at sea. Two while on an aircraft carrier and once on a frigate. I'll recommend aircraft carrier over frigate any day. Once while heading back to California on my motorcycle, I en ountered a dust storm near Phoenix. I stopped under an overpass to find a motel like by. I met a guy on a bike and he was very determined to get to a party in town. He headed out into the storm. I went south to a motel. By the time I paid for the room, I just barely pushed my bike in the room before the storm hit.

  89. zul'goth kremvh

    zul'goth kremvh

    5 күн мурун

    The only thing that qualify as a anomaly is a black hole

  90. zul'goth kremvh

    zul'goth kremvh

    5 күн мурун

    The only way something like that would happen is if it wasn't a natural storm more of a anomaly which is technically not possible

  91. Vidal Baca

    Vidal Baca

    5 күн мурун

    Perfect storm

  92. Vidal Baca

    Vidal Baca

    5 күн мурун

    Oh my God I was waiting for the perfect storm to come up that was my favorite movie

  93. Elli


    5 күн мурун

    I’ve learned more here than school

  94. Joseph


    5 күн мурун

    However considering all these Natural Disturbances as in LA, it was called by forces that made nature change. SO WHO REALLY KNOWS IF IT"S EVEN POSSIBLE OR NOT! It wasn't a HURRICANE in the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. It was 3 storms that looked like HURRICANES by their rotation but was pulling down cold air...(Not sure if thats possible but it wasnt a HURRICANE)

  95. Man Of Chai Tea

    Man Of Chai Tea

    5 күн мурун

    He crushes some liberal climate b.s.

  96. Onix Junes

    Onix Junes

    5 күн мурун

    I was about to ask what causes wind, but then I remembered I’m on KGkey.

  97. just call me Jess z

    just call me Jess z

    5 күн мурун

    Twister will always be one of my favorite movies. I always loved natural disaster weather. Probably because I grew up in AZ where the only actual weather we got is.....HOT. lol. My aunt and I would try to chase some rain storm. Love being in the car at night in the rain.The headlights make it look like stars of rain coming at you

  98. RC OnetneC

    RC OnetneC

    5 күн мурун

    Have a generator for important stuff like the A/C hahaha

  99. Seaman DeeMan

    Seaman DeeMan

    5 күн мурун

    41:00 he’s talking to you, Florida

  100. LadyTarasque


    5 күн мурун

    surprised he didn't mention the US park ranger who got hit by lightning a total of 7 times in his lifetime. (His life got way too depressing)